Scandinavian style is currently one of the most popular interior styles. Minimalist and modern - less is more here! The Skandi style originated in Norway and Sweden and is characterized by nature, the original and the vastness of Nordic landscapes. The Scandinavian style relies on bright colors. Because the summer in the north is endless, while the darkness of winter is countered by light and warmth. The look of Scandinavian style is complemented by various natural materials, such as wood, seaweed, linen and wool. Due to its elegant simplicity, the Skandi look is wonderfully combinable with other styles and thus fits harmoniously into your home.
Clear, geometric shapes and bright colors are also in our Skandi collection the main players. Gray and white are the recurring color combinations. Color accents in blue, and green tones, but also soft pastel colors stand out particularly beautifully from the light backgrounds. They give freshness and provide coziness and small splashes of color. Strong colors, such as bright yellow, set particularly beautiful contrasts to the otherwise rather discreet and simple Scandinavian style. The pyramid shape of our toys is picked up in the design of the Skandi collection with colored triangles. Thus, the design emphasizes the unobtrusive ergonomics and thus the distinctive function of the Minoumi catnip toys. Translated with (free version)

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